Research: Leveraging Direct Withdrawal via ACH to Build Sustaining Donors


NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association released the results of two studies that explore the role that direct withdrawal via ACH plays in nonprofit donations. The findings conclude that using ACH leads to more frequent and higher dollar contributions from sustaining donors. Direct withdrawal – a form of Direct Payment via ACH – is an electronic payment in which funds are withdrawn or debited from a donor’s checking or savings account and transferred electronically to your organization.

We invite you to download the executive summary to learn how direct withdrawal via ACH as a giving method more fully supports nonprofit goals and objectives by retaining and cultivating sustaining donors. In addition, NACHA offers a complete nonprofit toolkit, consisting of a case study, checklist, best practices, and more, to support nonprofits in growing sustaining donor programs with direct withdrawal via ACH.



Direct withdrawal via ACH is the gold standard for recurring payments, such as monthly bills. Through two recent studies, NACHA confirms that the same is true in nonprofit giving. Direct withdrawal via ACH, as a giving method, more fully supports nonprofit goals and objectives by cultivating and retaining sustaining donors.

We invite you to download the infographic, which shows that ACH donors donate more and more often than other donors. Feel free to share in your mailings, on your website, and on social media.