Split to Save

The majority of our nation's workers are not saving. Almost half of Americans do not have $400 readily available to cover an emergency expense. So many spend hours each week worried, calculating or stressed over their financial situation. But they don't have to. More than 80 percent of our nation's workers use Direct Deposit via ACH. With Split Deposit, which is enabled through Direct Deposit, employees can save automatically, by directing a fixed amount or percentage of their pay each pay period to a savings or investment account. It's easy, fast, automated, and free -- allowing workers to grow their savings over time.


Help our nation's workers build wealth with the "Split to Save" initiative.

What is Split to Save

“Split to Save” is an initiative designed to educate workers on the benefits of Direct Deposit and Split Deposit, and how these tools can help increase personal savings and build wealth. Coordinated by NACHAThe Electronic Payments Association, America Saves, and ePayResources, the initiative provides educational resources for organizations to support a coordinated outreach effort beginning with America Saves Week and running through the conclusion of Direct Deposit and Direct Payment via ACH Month, which is celebrated in May. 

Who Should Participate in Split to Save

The Split to Save initiative is designed for businesses and organizations of all sizes and types. Whether you are an association with business, organizational, or consumer members or constituents, a small business with just a few employees, or a large organization with thousands of employees, you are invited and encouraged to participate in the "Split to Save" effort.

Even those businesses and organizations with a large percentage of Direct Deposit adoption are encouraged to participate because although Direct Deposit use may be high, Split Deposit use is not. Currently, only 24 percent of our nation's workers use Split Deposit despite its proven ability to grow savings.

So if you are a bank or credit union, nonprofit organization, corporation, university, association, or government agency, you can take part in the "Split to Save" initiative and play an integral role in supporting the financial health of today's workers.


the "Split to Save" Toolkit

Spread the Word

Help promote the benefits of using Direct Deposit and Split Deposit to increase savings. Download the toolkit and make use of the informational and promotional resources to educate workers on how to leverage Direct Deposit and Split Deposit. Or share the toolkit with members or other groups or individuals you may work with to encourage support of the initiative and education and promotion within their constituencies.

The Split to Save toolkit contains all of the  resources your organization needs to promote your participation in the initiative and encourage increased use of Direct Deposit and Split Deposit. From press releases and fact sheets to social media posts and online and print ads, the toolkit provides a comprehensive set of tools to drive awareness and ultimately increase adoption of Direct Deposit and Split Deposit by the nation's workers.