Webinar: "Split to Save" Campaign Kickoff


"Split to Save" Campaign Kickoff

Thursday, February 23, 2017 
2pm - 3pm ET

Workers are not saving enough to cover emergencies and planned expenses that crop up on an annual basis. Despite the proven financial benefits of Direct Deposit and Split Deposit – the ability to automatically direct a fixed percentage of pay into a savings or investment account – many of our nation’s workers are not taking advantage of this free tool to help increase savings. Currently, 82 percent of the nation’s workers receive Direct Deposit of their pay, but only 24 percent use Split Deposit - one of the easiest ways to grow savings over time. NACHA–The Electronic Payments Association, America Saves, and ePayResources -- the second largest Regional Payments Association member of NACHA -- have joined forces to help change this.

Join this webinar to hear firsthand about the “Split to Save” campaign, which is designed to empower businesses, nonprofits and others to help workers increase their personal savings and build wealth through Split Deposit.

Speakers will:

  • Provide information and research data on the value of Direct Deposit and Split Deposit to businesses and workers
  • Strategize ways to encourage workers to start a savings account fed by Split Deposit
  • Detail the “Split to Save” Toolkit and how to use its components to encourage more Direct Deposit and Split Deposit use
  • Outline a potential timeline for “Split to Save” efforts, beginning with America Save Week, Feb. 27-March 4, and ending with Direct Deposit and Direct Payment Month in May.


George Barany
Director of Strategic Initiatives, America Saves
Steven P. Vaglio, AAP
Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communications. ePayResources™
Moderator and Speaker:
Bill Sullivan
Senior Director & Group Manager, Government and Industry Relations, NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association®



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